As a photographer and filmmaker, I strive to capture the essence of the world around me in a way that is both beautiful and truthful. Through my work, I seek to explore the complex and diverse nature of humanity, while celebrating the unique beauty of each individual.

In my photography, I am drawn to the power of the portrait, capturing the unique character and personality of my subjects in a way that is both intimate and revealing. Whether I am photographing a person, a landscape, or a cultural event, I am always seeking to convey the emotional resonance of the moment, to capture the essence of what makes it special.

In my films, I am equally committed to storytelling. I believe that film has the power to give voice to the underrepresented, to shine a light on the issues that are most pressing in our world today, and to inspire hope for a better future. Through my documentaries and  films, I aim to explore the complex social and political issues of our time, while celebrating the resilience of individuals who face adversity with courage and grace.

Ultimately, my work is about building connections, both between individuals and between different communities. Through my art, I seek to inspire conversation, foster empathy, and promote understanding across cultures and borders. For me, photography and filmmaking are not just creative pursuits, they are a way of life, a way of exploring the world and sharing it with others.