Las Tesoros de San Antonio


Las Tesoros de San Antonio


Their individual careers soared in the 1940s thru the 1970s. All of these women once hailed from San Antonio’s Westside barrio. Time had almost forgotten them. And now that these “tesoros” or treasures have been rediscovered, these magnificent women are telling amazing stories. Las Tesoros de San Antonio – “A Westside Story”. Examines the personal toll and legacy of four South Texas singers of yesteryear. Rita “La Calandria” Vidaurri, Blanquita Rodriguez “Blanca Rosa”, Beatriz “La Paloma del Norte” Llamas, and Anita Janet Cortez “La Perla Tapatia” Through their stories and music the audience learns how these women began their careers in a male dominate industry to become successful singer/performers nationally and internationally. As well as their personal tragedies that lead to retirement and then to their present day musical resurgence.

Rita Vidaurri

(1924 – 2014)

“La Calandria”

Performing with famous artists including Tin Tán, Pedro Vargas, Trio Tariacuri, Lalo González, Cantinflas, and Nat King Cole, Rita was a very successful and sought after  performer. She performed throughout the U.S., Mexico, Central and South America from the 1940s thru the 1970s. Including a tour in Cuba with legends Celia Cruz and Olga Guillot.

Blanquita Rodriguez

“Blanca Rosa”

Blanquita first performed at the Teatro Guadalupe at age 13, winning 1st place in a competition which led to performances at the Teatro Zaragoza and on KCOR Radio. She has performed with singing legends Vicente Fernández, José Alfredo Jiménez and Juan Mendoza and groups Mariachi Vargas de Tacalitlán, Los Reyes de Jalisco, Mariachi de Ramón Palomar,  in the United States and Mexico.


Beatriz LLamas

“La Paloma del Norte”

Born in Aguascalientes, MX Beatrice and her family moved to San Antonio’s Westside when she was 13. She soon began touring with Mariachi Chapultepec and Conjunto Bernal. In 1967, Beatriz became the first “Tejana Singer” to perform at Madison Square Garden in New York City. In 1995, she was inducted into the Tejano Music Hall of Fame and, in 1999, into the Tejano Conjunto Hall of Fame.

Anita Janet Cortez 


“Perla Tapatia”

Perla, grew up on San Antonio’s Westside, a few streets down from Rita Vidaurri. In her early teens she was discovered by Meme Reyes. She first performed with Tin Tan at the Municipal Auditorium in San Antonio. She soon began touring with Los Conquistadores throughout California and Texas. Perla was the only know singer to perform with a tracheostomy- a surgically created airway throughout the neck. 


and Crew

Jorge Sandoval
Janet Vasquez
Adela Gott
Robb S. García
Alex Avila
Jesse Borrego
James Borrego
Jorge Sandoval
Executive Producers:
Cine Studio San Antonio
Esperanza Peace and Justice Center
3807 Productions
4J’s Cinema

Director of Photography: James Borrego
Editor: Robb S. García